Removing limits for HSE professionals and Employers across Australia.


Our purpose is to increase accessibility of skilled, experienced and qualified HS&E professionals to workplaces. As well as making HSE related projects and tasks easily attainable for the HSE specialist.

Our Safety Vine team have had first hand experienced of both sides of this real and more frequently occurring challenge within the HSE space;

  • Your an Employer;
  • with a new HSE project, small budget & no appropriately skilled internal resource to complete the task. 
  • with no time to coordinate and interview top candidates- particularly for small tasks and projects that may only need a few hours or days work to complete.
  • not to mention the pressure of knowing HSE issues come with some level of urgency!!!
  • Your a HSE professional:
  • you've worked at a consulting service, but know they charge to much & that the service and end result are not at the standard you could produce.
  • looking for increased HSE exposure and more experience, that your current 9-5 job isn't offering?
  • seeking greater flexibility, more than lip service when it comes to work-life-balance options.
We believe removing these limits can be straightforward!  Head to our home page to learn how.